Frequently Asked Questions.

Please note that we prefer to work by an appointment system as this allows us to provide you with optimal care and services. We are open,

Mon to Fri 8:00am-5:30pm and Sat 8:00am-12:00pm

If you require urgent medical attention, please DIAL 000 for assistance and ask for Ambulance.

If you are having any of the following, inform the receptionists without delay either in person or when phoning or presenting to the clinic:

  • Chest Pain
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Bleeding
  • Convulsions
  • Vomiting

You can make an appointment with your doctor by telephoning the practice or by online booking. Most appointments are booked for 10-15 minutes however if you require a longer consultation, please advise reception when booking the appointment. Urgent medical problems will be dealt with promptly.

Your first appointment with us may take a bit longer as you will be asked to complete a patient information form. During your first appointment, our doctors will discuss your medical history, answer any questions you may have about our clinic, treat your current health concern and plan any ongoing treatments you require.

Our appointments run for an average of 15-20 minutes. However, you are requested to book a longer appointment if you have more than on medical issue or question.

Please arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment.

If you’re running late or can’t make your appointment, please call reception on (07) 3266 7444 and let them know.

Cancellations without 2 hours’ notice or non-attendance may attract a cancellation fee which cannot be rebated through Medicare.

If you need a repeat prescription, please book an appointment to see the doctor.

For privacy and legal reasons, test results cannot be given over the phone. Please book an appointment to see your doctor or another doctor of the practice if your usual doctor is unavailable in order to receive and discuss these results.

Medical certificates are legal documents and are only available if you are present for your consultation with your doctor. The doctor is unable to issue medical certificates retrospectively.

Our clinic is part of the Medicare Easyclaim service which means that after paying for your consultation in full, we can immediately process your Medicare Rebate directly back into your cheque or savings account.

If you are travelling and need travel vaccinations, you will generally need two appointments. The first to assess your current health and determine the vaccinations required. The second is to carry out the vaccinations.